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As Çelikkol Law Firm, in the field of commercial law; We provide comprehensive legal consultancy and advocacy services on corporate law, contract law, bankruptcy and composition processes, and collection of commercial receivables. We support our clients at every stage of commercial activities, from the daily operations of companies to complex international transactions.


We act with the awareness of supporting our clients in their most sensitive issues regarding family life. Within the framework of the Civil Code and relevant legislation, we provide legal support to Turkish citizens and foreign clients in family law disputes such as marriage, divorce, property regime regulation, alimony and custody. We offer legal solutions with our experienced team on issues such as property regime consultancy between spouses, establishing paternity and kinship.

The care and attention we show to the privacy of our clients' private lives in every legal transaction, from adoption processes to sensitive issues such as establishing guardianship, is one of the cornerstones of our service approach. We guide our clients in resolving disputes arising from family law, in the preparation of protocols between the parties and in legal proceedings, in a way that best protects their rights and obligations.


Administrative Law is an area where we serve our clients in legal processes related to government institutions and administrative transactions. In this comprehensive branch of public law, we provide consultancy and attorney services on various issues such as administrative trial processes, expropriation procedures, administrative contracts and the effects of decisions taken by the administration on individual rights. We also guide our foreign clients through the complex procedures related to citizenship application processes in Turkey and provide guidance on administrative procedures and requirements. Our expertise in citizenship law aims to help our clients develop a clear understanding of their rights and obligations, as well as ensuring that application processes are completed quickly and smoothly.


We make our clients feel that we are with them at every stage of the process. We meticulously provide the necessary legal and consultancy services from the beginning of the investigation process, throughout the entire criminal trial and until the execution stage.

We prepare our clients against all difficulties that may be encountered in criminal law processes and offer preventive consultancy services in cases that carry the risk of criminal sanctions. We stand by law and justice at every stage of the litigation and execution processes, starting from the investigation stages.


We offer comprehensive and customized services in the field of real estate law. We have deep expertise in matters such as real estate buying and selling, construction contracts, title deed transactions and real estate financing. We adopt strategic and innovative approaches to help our clients protect and evaluate their real estate investments in the best possible way.

We serve property owners, investors, construction companies and individual customers. We guide our clients at every stage of real estate projects, from negotiation processes to preparation of agreement drafts, from legal compliance audits to the conclusion of agreements. In addition, by taking an active role in resolving disputes related to real estate law, we protect the rights of our clients and keep their interests at the highest level.


Tenancy law is full of complex situations and challenges that both tenants and property owners can face. As Çelikkol Law Firm, we provide reliable guidance and support to our clients with our expertise in this field. We offer a wide range of services, from rental processes to dispute resolution.

Lease Agreements: Preparation of fair and legal rental agreements for tenants and property owners.
Consultancy: Consultancy on issues such as rental conditions, deposit, maintenance and repair obligations.
Eviction Cases: Eviction cases for the unfair removal of tenants from the property or for the protection of the rights of property owners.
Dispute Resolution: Resolving disputes arising between tenants and landlords through legal means.
Legal Representation: We represent our clients in courts and other legal proceedings.


Enforcement and Bankruptcy law is a field that requires expertise in complex issues such as financial difficulties and debt collection. As Çelikkol Law Firm, we guide our clients through these difficult processes, protect their rights and defend their interests in the best way possible.


Receivable Collection: We develop effective strategies to collect debts through legal means.

Enforcement Proceedings: Management of transactions in enforcement offices, legal support and representation.

Bankruptcy Management: Management of bankruptcy processes, protection of creditors' rights.

Dispute Resolution: Expert consultancy in resolving legal disputes regarding enforcement and bankruptcy.

Consultancy: Informing about updates and challenges brought by legal legislation.


Consumer law is a critical branch of law that protects the rights of consumers and aims to ensure a fair balance in commercial transactions. As Çelikkol Law Firm, we help consumers and businesses understand and protect their rights and obligations in this area.

Consumer Rights Consultancy: Knowing, protecting and defending the rights of consumers.

Contract Reviews: Supervising the legality of consumer contracts.

Warranty and Return Procedures: Managing warranty and return processes within the legal framework.

Dispute Resolution: Professional support in resolving consumer complaints and disputes.

Representation: We represent our clients in consumer courts.

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